Short Stories

The Eternal’s Curse

A short tale of Gothic Horror,recounting the adventures of Edmund Pelkington and Chester Ledwitch as they search for a missing friend in the Eastern European barony of Lamordia and become the victims of the sinister Baron Van-Richten. This was originally published in Imagine Literary Journal in 2011 and a longer, re-edited version was reprinted in Static Movement in 2012.

The Lonely Man

A piece of horror flash fiction about a haunted motel. It’s inspired by Stephen King, and it probably shows. If you like ghosts, or people getting killed by ghosts, you might enjoy it. This was first published on Flashes In The Dark and later reprinted in Linguistic Erosion and in the Thadd Presley Presents: Hauntings anthology.

Caveat Emptor

A short supernatural horror style heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King. It’s about a strange, dreamlike antique store in the middle of nowhere, and its uncanny proprietor. This was printed in issue 60 of Black Petals and was reprinted in the August 2012 issue of Static Movement.


A psychological horror murder mystery with a (hopefully) surreal and dreamlike atmosphere. Subplots was an piece I wrote for a university assignment that attempted to experiment with metafiction and bringing literary elements to an otherwise generic horror story about a stalker/murderer. (The story begins on Page 29 of the magazine)


A short supernatural story with traditional stylings, about a group of teens trapped in a haunted house. Unoriginal, maybe – but it just might scare you. This one appeared in the Halloween 2012 issue of Larks Fiction Magazine. (Note that you have to scroll down the page to find the story, as the entire issue is laid out on a single webpage)

The Downfall

This is an experimental story that I originally wrote for a university Literary Studies assignment which appeared in The Wi-files in 2012. It’s a surreal, fragmentary horror/magical realism story about a corrupted man who slowly destroys his own life. It’s supposed to be dreamlike and interpretive – the only actual “story” is the one that you make of it yourself.

By The Fire

A short post-apocalyptic/dystopian tale set in the universe of my novel Sun Bleached Winter, acting as a (sort of) prequel that reveals a little bit of Jessica Riley’s backstory. This was originally published in Linguistic Erosion as a standalone piece, but the version archived here is a couple of hundred words longer and is edited to better tie in with the novel’s canon.

Pretty Birds

Originally published in Issue #6 of [Untitled] Magazine, this is a semi-literary horror story that I wrote as a final year university assignment. It’s basically a much smarter, better executed version of Subplots but is definitely a different story in its own right. The “horror” is very subtle and doesn’t really hit you until the end — read it twice for maximum effect!



SCP-087: The Staircase

A screenplay for a 10 minute horror short that I had to write and pitch as part of my screenwriting unit. It’s based on the popular creepypasta SCP-087 (obviously), though I took a few liberties with the story, since 10 minutes of watching some guy descend a staircase doesn’t make for exciting viewing

Under My Skin: Episode #1

A television script written for my first year screenwriting unit. The pilot episode of a horror themed TV series entitled Under My Skin, which chronicles a small mining community’s struggle against alien invasion. Mainly inspired by numerous Stephen King books and LOST, so it’s rather wordy.

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