Just Do What You Love [Reblog]

If you wanna write… then just do it. There’s no such thing as “I’m too busy” or “I never had time to follow my dream”. All you have to do is sit down and write a couple of hundred words a day. How long can that possibly take? Half an hour? Is it really so … Continue reading

Writer(ly) Quotes

There’s nothing like an inspirational writer quote to lift you out of a rut, right? Here are the ones that never fail to get me in the mood for writing — guaranteed to get you typing (or at least to half heartedly open Word and stare at a blank page…but hey, baby steps). Look closely … Continue reading

The Best Way to Be a Better Writer…

This quote from the legendary Stephen King says it all: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” Forget reading articles about writing, or how-to books, or getting other people to teach you. Those are all good ways to refine your craft, but … Continue reading

Sonnet of the Dead (more poetry)

So, this is what my poor blog has been reduced to, has it? Updates barely just managing to stick to the schedule, writing craft articles all but gone, and the last book review was written over two months ago. Something feels a little dead around here…perhaps even a little undead.  No, in all seriousness, I’ve just … Continue reading

Four (Good) Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the dreaded nemesis of all writers. At least for me, there really is nothing worse than opening up Word, only to be greeted by a seemingly endless blank page and a tiny, incessantly blinking cursor with no idea what to write (except perhaps zombies, or giant spiders, but that’s for another blog … Continue reading

Five (Good) Ways to Generate Horror Story Ideas

Some time last week, I read and Tweeted about a blog post called 10 Tips for Generating Killer Science Fiction Story Ideas. It’s a pretty good list of helpful tips, and I myself am guilty of using a few (or all) of those techniques myself when I’m looking for a good idea to base a … Continue reading

The Art of Compromise

Sometimes, you’ve got to make sacrifices. Like most creative pursuits, both writing and game development are built around the art of compromise. As a writer who doesn’t really follow a strict plan for my projects (or in most cases, even a very basic plan, unlike some), I’ve found that the vast majority of my works … Continue reading

How to Get Published for Newbies

A few of my close friends are aspiring writers, who’ve only recently decided to make the very difficult decision that is to try and get their work out there in the public (published) eye. I’ve been doing this whole writing thing for a while now, and they know this, so lately I’ve been finding my … Continue reading

How to Write Horror Well

Note: This blog post, for once, is primarily about the dark, geeky art of game development, which, as you should know, I occasionally dabble in when not up to my old writing tricks. It was originally written for a game design forum and was intended to discuss how to create a genuinely scary horror game, … Continue reading

How to Write a Query/Cover Letter

Ready to send off.

Ready to submit your writing somewhere? You’ve formatted your manuscript according to their guidelines, and you’re ready to email it, but what next? Lately, I’ve found myself immersed in the art of writing query letters, both because I’ve been working hard to pitch my book, Sun Bleached Winter to publishers (which involves a lot of … Continue reading