What’s Holding You Back? [Reblog]

Every day when I check Facebook or Twitter I see heaps of people saying they’d love to be writers, but just don’t know how to start. Well, what exactly is holding you back? You don’t really need to know how to “start” writing… if you want to be a writer, it’s pretty much as simple … Continue reading

3 Writing Habits That Will Make You a Better Writer

Everyone knows writers are creatures of habit. Think about it…we can’t start the day without ingesting a massive dose of caffiene first. We can’t get any work done until after we’ve checked our email inbox and Twitter. Some of us (I’m mainly talking about myself here — bear with me) have even turned procrastination into … Continue reading

The Best Way to Be a Better Writer…

This quote from the legendary Stephen King says it all: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” Forget reading articles about writing, or how-to books, or getting other people to teach you. Those are all good ways to refine your craft, but … Continue reading

Four (Good) Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the dreaded nemesis of all writers. At least for me, there really is nothing worse than opening up Word, only to be greeted by a seemingly endless blank page and a tiny, incessantly blinking cursor with no idea what to write (except perhaps zombies, or giant spiders, but that’s for another blog … Continue reading

Artistic License and You

You know, being a speculative fiction writer is the best job (well, it would be if I actually got paid). I get free license to do things that would normally get people locked up in an insane asylum, such as conversing with characters who don’t exist or making up fantasy worlds out of thin air. While most … Continue reading

What’s In A Title?

To me, the most challenging part of writing a story is thinking of a good title for it. If, like most writers, you consider that newly written story that you’ve slaved over for so long (you know — weeks, months, years, perhaps even centuries if you’re an eldritch Hellspawn like me who’s so inclined) to … Continue reading

Writing a Good Opening Hook

With writing, as with almost everything else in life, a good first impression can be the difference between winning someone over or leaving a person thinking there’s something a “little off” for all of eternity. I’m sure you’ve all heard that old cliche – don’t judge a book by its cover (if you haven’t, then welcome … Continue reading

Five (Good) Ways to Generate Horror Story Ideas

Some time last week, I read and Tweeted about a blog post called 10 Tips for Generating Killer Science Fiction Story Ideas. It’s a pretty good list of helpful tips, and I myself am guilty of using a few (or all) of those techniques myself when I’m looking for a good idea to base a … Continue reading

Word Counts

What does word count mean to your story? Word count is a topic that comes up regularly in conversation amongst my writer friends, and everywhere I look, I see writers worrying about their word counts and what implications word count has for their story and its marketability. In terms of getting work published, word count … Continue reading

How to Write Dialogue

It’s a shame when I read good stories that have bad dialogue. In my experience as an editor, I find myself rejecting otherwise great pieces that are let down by dialogue that just doesn’t seem to gel together. I’m even guilty of it myself and when I’m revising my own pieces for publication, the dialogue … Continue reading