Modern Publishing [Reblog]


So I recently had the pleasure of reading a fantastic article about the current state of the publishing industry on C.M Saunders’ blog, the man whom you guys might remember as the author of the very first book I reviewed on this site. Now, by this point, I can say I’ve had a couple years … Continue reading

The Life of a Writer

One of my writer friends sent me this meme on Twitter today: I don’t know about you, but for me it definitely sums things up nicely (except that I think “other writers” should know me better than to assume I’m actually working by now). With that said, back to procrastinating.

Writer(ly) Quotes

There’s nothing like an inspirational writer quote to lift you out of a rut, right? Here are the ones that never fail to get me in the mood for writing — guaranteed to get you typing (or at least to half heartedly open Word and stare at a blank page…but hey, baby steps). Look closely … Continue reading

Dark Edifice #5 Released!

The mid year edition of Dark Edifice Magazine is rolling off the (virtual) presses from today. Interestingly, the release of this issue comes almost exactly a year from when I first launched Dark Edifice in 2012 — so that makes issue #5 a special anniversary edition. It’s funny to think that just 12 months ago, … Continue reading

Rise of the Robot Publishers

Here’s a quick observation that comes to mind: writing as a profession is becoming increasingly automated. My creative writing professor was mentioning in class today how, in ye olde days of yore (before the internet) it was customary for new writers to attend book launches and writing festivals to meet editors and industry professionals just … Continue reading

Artistic License and You

You know, being a speculative fiction writer is the best job (well, it would be if I actually got paid). I get free license to do things that would normally get people locked up in an insane asylum, such as conversing with characters who don’t exist or making up fantasy worlds out of thin air. While most … Continue reading

What’s In A Title?

To me, the most challenging part of writing a story is thinking of a good title for it. If, like most writers, you consider that newly written story that you’ve slaved over for so long (you know — weeks, months, years, perhaps even centuries if you’re an eldritch Hellspawn like me who’s so inclined) to … Continue reading

The Next Big Thing (Round 2)

Hey, guess what? Sometimes it can be a little hard being published by two different publishing houses at the same time. This week, I’ve been tagged by fellow author Pete Abela (whose debut novel, Wings, was released by Really Blue Books, who will also be releasing my short story collection Nobody Can Scream later this month) as … Continue reading

Dark Edifice is back!

Breaking news! With the Mayan apocalypse safely behind us, it’s time to face something even more horrible, looming over us and threatening to devour civilisation itself if left unchecked. That’s right: Dark Edifice Magazine‘s slush pile has awakened from its holiday hibernation, and we’re now accepting submissions for Issue #5. Meanwhile, my fellow editors and I are … Continue reading

Writing a Good Opening Hook

With writing, as with almost everything else in life, a good first impression can be the difference between winning someone over or leaving a person thinking there’s something a “little off” for all of eternity. I’m sure you’ve all heard that old cliche – don’t judge a book by its cover (if you haven’t, then welcome … Continue reading