4 Great Ways to Procrastinate

So, as you guys have no doubt noticed, there’s a dire error on the home page of this blog. It proclaims that my “blog schedule” is every fortnight, but in reality there really is no such thing. You see, like most writers, I’m sometimes afflicted with the horrible blankness of writer’s block, and in my … Continue reading

This Is Not Poetry

Well, I’ve finally finished the poetry unit I did this semester. I still haven’t exactly learned how to write poetry — other than that there’s a lot of vague, philosophical artsy stuff involved — but I did discover humour goes over well, especially when it’s self-deprecating. This cute little number somehow scraped me an 80% mark. Try … Continue reading

Artistic License and You

You know, being a speculative fiction writer is the best job (well, it would be if I actually got paid). I get free license to do things that would normally get people locked up in an insane asylum, such as conversing with characters who don’t exist or making up fantasy worlds out of thin air. While most … Continue reading