All Good Things Come to an End

Unfortunately, Dark Edifice magazine is no more. Some of you might have seen a Facebook status I posted earlier this week indicating that the ‘zine’s future hangs in the balance, and it is with great regret that I am now confirming that I am stepping down as managing editor and will no longer publish further … Continue reading

Dark Edifice is back!

Breaking news! With the Mayan apocalypse safely behind us, it’s time to face something even more horrible, looming over us and threatening to devour civilisation itself if left unchecked. That’s right: Dark Edifice Magazine‘s slush pile has awakened from its holiday hibernation, and we’re now accepting submissions for Issue #5. Meanwhile, my fellow editors and I are … Continue reading

Word Counts

What does word count mean to your story? Word count is a topic that comes up regularly in conversation amongst my writer friends, and everywhere I look, I see writers worrying about their word counts and what implications word count has for their story and its marketability. In terms of getting work published, word count … Continue reading