Mythos Update #3: Beta Testing

It’s beta testing time! That’s right folks, Mythos: The Beginning is now basically complete and all that remains before release is to test it. The number of people who volunteered to be beta testers is simply amazing: when I put the call out, I received applications from 33 different people, all asking to be added … Continue reading

The Ravenwood Horror [Review]

Hey, guess what, everyone? It’s that time again — you know, when I go and review indie horror games from the internet. With the release of Sun Bleached Winter out of the way (for now — paperbacks are on sale next week), and review copies safely sent off, I’ve been left with a quiet email inbox for … Continue reading

Ao Oni [Review]

It’s no great secret that I love the horror genre. I watch horror movies. I read horror stories (and I write them, too). Most relevant to this blog post, though, I play horror video games. I love being scared (provided the media I’m consuming is presented masterfully enough to actually scare me) and horror video … Continue reading