Good news and bad news (AKA free ebooks!)


You know how bad situations almost always seem to have a silver lining? Unfortunately for some excellent Australian writers, Melbourne based e-publisher Really Blue Books closed its doors last week. Really Blue Books published my first short story collection, Nobody Can Scream, back in January of 2013 and they did an awesome job, so I’m … Continue reading

Pretty Birds [Short Story]

Get ready, folks. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any of my writing on this blog, and this particular story’s not for the faint of heart. This is Pretty Birds, a semi-literary horror/crime story that I completed as a final year university creative writing assignment. It later got published in the 2014 edition … Continue reading

Modern Publishing [Reblog]


So I recently had the pleasure of reading a fantastic article about the current state of the publishing industry on C.M Saunders’ blog, the man whom you guys might remember as the author of the very first book I reviewed on this site. Now, by this point, I can say I’ve had a couple years … Continue reading

Legionwood 2 Pre-Release stuff!

Hey everyone! It’s getting pretty close to launch day for Legionwood 2 (Feb 28) and so I thought I’d pop in and treat you all to a quick update. First of all, some of you may have noticed the name change — Legionwood 2: Volume One back to Legionwood 2 again. This is good news! … Continue reading

All Good Things Come to an End

Unfortunately, Dark Edifice magazine is no more. Some of you might have seen a Facebook status I posted earlier this week indicating that the ‘zine’s future hangs in the balance, and it is with great regret that I am now confirming that I am stepping down as managing editor and will no longer publish further … Continue reading

Dark Edifice #6 now online!

The nightmare is over. For now. The slush monster has been rounded up, the juiciest pieces of flesh chosen, and my inbox is safe from further onslaught, if only temporarily. The sixth issue of Dark Edifice Magazine is now available to download, containing a whole slew of horror and dark speculative fiction for your reading … Continue reading

One thing I really hate…

Spending two weeks re-installing all of my software after a hard drive format. Seriously. Why did I have to do this, you ask? Well, it turns out my trusty antivirus software doesn’t actually do anything whenever I connect my computer to my university’s internet network (where their own security suite promptly turns it off). Usually, … Continue reading

Dark Edifice #5 Released!

The mid year edition of Dark Edifice Magazine is rolling off the (virtual) presses from today. Interestingly, the release of this issue comes almost exactly a year from when I first launched Dark Edifice in 2012 — so that makes issue #5 a special anniversary edition. It’s funny to think that just 12 months ago, … Continue reading

New write-up in Portland Book Review!

Sun Bleached Winter has been lucky enough to get a 3 star write-up in the US based periodical Portland Book Review this week. A few months ago, I noticed that they reviewed The Wrong Way Down by Jake Elliot — a book I’ve also reviewed on this blog — and the reviewer in question seemed to be both honest and … Continue reading

The Downfall [Short Story]

This story was originally published in an e-zine called The WiFiles (available here) in a considerably different form. This is a revised version that I later submitted as a creative assignment for a uni class on surrealism. I figured it didn’t make sense to have an outdated version up for display on the blog, so I dug … Continue reading