Shadowmen [Short Story]

This is the last piece of writing I submitted as part of my creative writing degree. It was for a class on non-fiction writing, and the task was to write a creative essay exploring a topic of my own choice. Of course, given complete free reign to write about anything, the horror writer in me … Continue reading

Four (Good) Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the dreaded nemesis of all writers. At least for me, there really is nothing worse than opening up Word, only to be greeted by a seemingly endless blank page and a tiny, incessantly blinking cursor with no idea what to write (except perhaps zombies, or giant spiders, but that’s for another blog … Continue reading

Schuld [Review]

Well, it’s that time again, folks. The time where I search the internet for an obscure horror game with which to test my character. Considering I’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately, and that the last couple reviews were of books, I figured I’d make a post related to gaming for a change and … Continue reading