Dark Edifice #6 now online!

The nightmare is over. For now. The slush monster has been rounded up, the juiciest pieces of flesh chosen, and my inbox is safe from further onslaught, if only temporarily. The sixth issue of Dark Edifice Magazine is now available to download, containing a whole slew of horror and dark speculative fiction for your reading … Continue reading

This Is Not Poetry

Well, I’ve finally finished the poetry unit I did this semester. I still haven’t exactly learned how to write poetry — other than that there’s a lot of vague, philosophical artsy stuff involved — but I did discover humour goes over well, especially when it’s self-deprecating. This cute little number somehow scraped me an 80% mark. Try … Continue reading

Sonnet of the Dead (more poetry)

So, this is what my poor blog has been reduced to, has it? Updates barely just managing to stick to the schedule, writing craft articles all but gone, and the last book review was written over two months ago. Something feels a little dead around here…perhaps even a little undead.  No, in all seriousness, I’ve just … Continue reading

A Very Sun Bleached Sonnet

So, this is usually the domain of angsty Tumblr nerds, but an update’s an update. This semester, I’m undertaking a poetry writing unit to get enough credit points to completed my Creative Writing major, and yesterday’s class was all about sonnets — that is, poems of 14 lines with a rhyme scheme and 10 syllables … Continue reading