Legionwood 2 full release incoming!

Ah, it almost brings a tear to my eye. After almost three years of development, the first “full version” build of Legionwood 2 has entered the beta testing phase, bringing a final commercial release ever so much closer. Some of you may remember ages ago when I mentioned the possibility of Legionwood 2 becoming a … Continue reading

4 Great Ways to Procrastinate

So, as you guys have no doubt noticed, there’s a dire error on the home page of this blog. It proclaims that my “blog schedule” is every fortnight, but in reality there really is no such thing. You see, like most writers, I’m sometimes afflicted with the horrible blankness of writer’s block, and in my … Continue reading

I Now Have a Donate Button

Just a small update: there is now a Donate button on the blog’s homepage. I recently received a friendly donation from one of my fans (which was used to pay for my custom domain name) and thought I’d put a button up just in case some others felt like donating as well. It’s totally not … Continue reading