Jake Elliot reviews Sun Bleached Winter

Fantasy author Jake Elliot (whose novels The Wrong Way Down and Crossing Mother’s Grave have been reviewed on this blog) recently did me a favour and wrote a review for my debut novel. Although said review’s been on Amazon and Goodreads for about a month now, just yesterday he published it at his blog, where he gave it a … Continue reading

The Next Big Thing (Round 2)

Hey, guess what? Sometimes it can be a little hard being published by two different publishing houses at the same time. This week, I’ve been tagged by fellow author Pete Abela (whose debut novel, Wings, was released by Really Blue Books, who will also be releasing my short story collection Nobody Can Scream later this month) as … Continue reading

Crossing Mother’s Grave by Jake Elliot [Review]

There are certain difficulties that one encounters when reviewing a sequel. The truth is, sequels don’t get the chance to make first impressions and it’s hard to approach one without having expectations that are tainted by the prequel. Sometimes, a sequel to a well-written novel has a lot to live up to, and sometimes sequels … Continue reading

Creating Character Arcs


Here’s something that my creative writing professor once told me: stories are all about the same thing. As someone who reads, writes and reviews, and also as someone who spends a lot of time playing amateur RPG Maker games, I’ve realised that this statement is very true. Sure, stories are all different in the sense … Continue reading

The Wrong Way Down by Jake Elliot [Review]

One could say that I have a soft spot for the fantasy genre. My two Legionwood games are traditional epic fantasies and, like all self-proclaimed geeks, the works of Tolkien and R.A Salvatore rank among some of my favourite books of all time. That said, I have to admit that, for me, the fantasy genre feels a bit stale these … Continue reading