A tough decision

Dear friends and well wishers. I have a major announcement to make: As of today (29/11/2014) I have come to the decision, after several months of deliberation, that I will no longer pursue a career as an author of fiction and, as such, writing will no longer be the main focus of this blog. It’s … Continue reading

What’s Holding You Back? [Reblog]

Every day when I check Facebook or Twitter I see heaps of people saying they’d love to be writers, but just don’t know how to start. Well, what exactly is holding you back? You don’t really need to know how to “start” writing… if you want to be a writer, it’s pretty much as simple … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Well, here we are at the tail end of December. It’s the time of year famous for exactly two things around here: fireworks and New Year’s Resolutions — you know, all those things you say you’ll do next year but instead end up completely forgetting about. While that’s basically true for the resolutions I made … Continue reading

Learning From the Master

As some of you writer types may be aware, Nanowrimo goes down next month — a 30 day event where you write 1600 words a day with the goal of finishing up with a 50,000 word novel. Given that I’m somewhat prone to procrastination, I’ve decided that it’s a great way to get me back … Continue reading

The Life of a Writer

One of my writer friends sent me this meme on Twitter today: I don’t know about you, but for me it definitely sums things up nicely (except that I think “other writers” should know me better than to assume I’m actually working by now). With that said, back to procrastinating.

3 Writing Habits That Will Make You a Better Writer

Everyone knows writers are creatures of habit. Think about it…we can’t start the day without ingesting a massive dose of caffiene first. We can’t get any work done until after we’ve checked our email inbox and Twitter. Some of us (I’m mainly talking about myself here — bear with me) have even turned procrastination into … Continue reading

Writer(ly) Quotes

There’s nothing like an inspirational writer quote to lift you out of a rut, right? Here are the ones that never fail to get me in the mood for writing — guaranteed to get you typing (or at least to half heartedly open Word and stare at a blank page…but hey, baby steps). Look closely … Continue reading

The Best Way to Be a Better Writer…

This quote from the legendary Stephen King says it all: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” Forget reading articles about writing, or how-to books, or getting other people to teach you. Those are all good ways to refine your craft, but … Continue reading