One Night 4 Public Demo Released!

Well, it’s been a long time coming (I originally announced the game over a year ago), but the first publicly available build of One Night 4 is now available to download. This build represents all of the work done on the game’s mechanics and engine so far. It’s both a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the mechanics that the … Continue reading

The Ravenwood Horror [Review]

Hey, guess what, everyone? It’s that time again — you know, when I go and review indie horror games from the internet. With the release of Sun Bleached Winter out of the way (for now — paperbacks are on sale next week), and review copies safely sent off, I’ve been left with a quiet email inbox for … Continue reading

Schuld [Review]

Well, it’s that time again, folks. The time where I search the internet for an obscure horror game with which to test my character. Considering I’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately, and that the last couple reviews were of books, I figured I’d make a post related to gaming for a change and … Continue reading

Ao Oni [Review]

It’s no great secret that I love the horror genre. I watch horror movies. I read horror stories (and I write them, too). Most relevant to this blog post, though, I play horror video games. I love being scared (provided the media I’m consuming is presented masterfully enough to actually scare me) and horror video … Continue reading

The Walking Dead: The Game [Review]

Note: This review was written when only the first two episodes of the game were available. However, the later episodes don’t really change up the game that much, so please consider my sentiments in this review to apply to the completed game as well. ### When I set up this blog/website, I said that I’d occasionally … Continue reading