Legionwood 2 full release incoming!

Ah, it almost brings a tear to my eye. After almost three years of development, the first “full version” build of Legionwood 2 has entered the beta testing phase, bringing a final commercial release ever so much closer. Some of you may remember ages ago when I mentioned the possibility of Legionwood 2 becoming a … Continue reading

Legionwood DLC now available!

Wow, talk about not meeting deadlines, right? Some of you might remember that I annouced a Legionwood expansion pack, way back in late 2010. Although it ultimately ended up being cancelled due to hard drive failure, I managed to recover some of its assets a few months ago and, rather than doing the logical lazy … Continue reading

Legionwood 2 Beta 4.0 now online

It’s been a long time coming, but the latest release of Legionwood 2 is finally online. I fully intended for it to be out a couple of days ago, but due to all the new graphics and sound files I’ve added to this release it ended up having a massive file size and was taking … Continue reading

Crossing Mother’s Grave by Jake Elliot [Review]

There are certain difficulties that one encounters when reviewing a sequel. The truth is, sequels don’t get the chance to make first impressions and it’s hard to approach one without having expectations that are tainted by the prequel. Sometimes, a sequel to a well-written novel has a lot to live up to, and sometimes sequels … Continue reading

The Wrong Way Down by Jake Elliot [Review]

One could say that I have a soft spot for the fantasy genre. My two Legionwood games are traditional epic fantasies and, like all self-proclaimed geeks, the works of Tolkien and R.A Salvatore rank among some of my favourite books of all time. That said, I have to admit that, for me, the fantasy genre feels a bit stale these … Continue reading