Heroes of Legionwood Devblog #4: Choices and Consequences

Choices and Consequences (or, as some hardcore RPG gamers refer to it, “C&C”) – the ability for a game to change in response to a player’s decisions. It’s something that’s bandied about quite a lot among players of Western RPGs, and something that AAA studios such as Bioware, Obsidian or Bethesda tout as a core … Continue reading

The Downside of Nostalgia [Repost]

Originally posted on Jessica Grixti Stanley:
“Back in my day” is a popular phrase that has become increasingly common in recent times. It’s probably not that recent—I’ve read older books where the author bemoans the newer generations—but it’s becoming far too common, so much so that it really needs to be addressed. Just have a…

Fare thee well, RPG Maker

So, it’s come to this. I’ve had a long, hard think (the really reflective kind, with whiskey and melancholy music) and I’ve come to a sad conclusion. I don’t want to develop games anymore. There, I said it. A massive weight has lifted from my shoulders. It’s hard for me to say this, but RPG … Continue reading

Artistic License and You

You know, being a speculative fiction writer is the best job (well, it would be if I actually got paid). I get free license to do things that would normally get people locked up in an insane asylum, such as conversing with characters who don’t exist or making up fantasy worlds out of thin air. While most … Continue reading