Calvino Noir [Review]

I seem to be on something of a Noir kick at the moment. After the fantastic first episode of Blues and Bullets, I decided to give Calvino Noir Limited’s stealth adventure game Calvino Noir (heh) a go. For a PC port of a mobile game, it isn’t too bad and it nails the authentic noir … Continue reading

Blues and Bullets Episode One [Review]

So far, it seems the best thing about being a games journalist is that it gives me something to post on this blog aside from dev diaries (don’t worry – as I make headway into Act 2 Heroes of Legionwood, there will be plenty more to come). This week, I played the first episode of … Continue reading

Mythos Update #4: Final Touches

Well, horror fans, this is it. The last Mythos development update. After a nearly four month long development cycle, the game is finally nearing completion. Pending some last bits of polish here and there, and another short round of testing, release day is in sight. What a journey Mythos has been for me. It began … Continue reading

Cell by Stephen King [Review]

So, this review has been a long time coming. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that if there’s two things I love the most in the realm of horror, those things are Stephen King and zombies. With that in mind, it’s actually pretty surprising that Stephen King’s 2006 novel Cell evaded my attention for … Continue reading

Nobody Can Scream and Other Stories

Nobody Can Scream and Other Stories Nobody Can Scream and Other Stories is a collection of five curious speculative fiction short stories from the mind of D. Robert Grixti. Perfect for the in-transit traveller looking for a quick Sci-Fi fix with a twist, dash of humour, and a hint of horror, these narratives will make even … Continue reading

I Now Have a Donate Button

Just a small update: there is now a Donate button on the blog’s homepage. I recently received a friendly donation from one of my fans (which was used to pay for my custom domain name) and thought I’d put a button up just in case some others felt like donating as well. It’s totally not … Continue reading

Blood ‘n Shadows: Six Scary Stories

Blood ‘n Shadows: Six Scary Stories Are you starved for horror? An anthology of six horrific short stories, Blood ‘n Shadows collects various work that has been previously published in literary journals and multiple author anthologies and reprints them all together for the very first time in one neat ebook compilation, ready for reading on the go … Continue reading

Sun Bleached Winter

Sun Bleached Winter They survived the apocalypse…but what happens next? Lionel Morton and his sister, Claire are alone and in danger in a wasteland frozen in nuclear winter. Somehow, they managed to live through the collapse of human civilization, but the real nightmare is just beginning. Taking shelter in an abandoned bunker, they intercept a … Continue reading

Publication News for June

The pen (err, keyboard) is mightier than the sword.

My Gothic Horror story The Eternal’s Curse is reprinted this month in Static Movement Magazine. I first wrote this story about 12 months ago, and an early draft of it first appeared in Imagine #2, published by Deakin University. This is an expanded, much more polished version of the story. If you like Stoker, Shelley … Continue reading

My New Magazine (Repost)

Posted on March 19, 2012 at 9:30 PM I’ve recently become the editor of an upstart literary magazine called Dark Edifice. The magazine’s focus is dark speculative fiction. It’s just got its first issue out, and planning’s barely begun on the second, but it may be a great place for any emergent writers to wrangle … Continue reading