Good news and bad news (AKA free ebooks!)

You know how bad situations almost always seem to have a silver lining? Unfortunately for some excellent Australian writers, Melbourne based e-publisher Really Blue Books closed its doors last week. Really Blue Books published my first short story collection, Nobody Can Scream, back in January of 2013 and they did an awesome job, so I’m saddened to see them go. Working with them was a very pleasant experience, and they took a chance on a collection authored by a relative nobody when not many other publishers would.

The bright side of all this, of course, is that Nobody Can Scream is off the (digital) shelves and — as far as I’m aware — it’s now mine to do whatever I care to with. At first, I was considering packing some of my other short stories with it to beef it up and submit it to another publisher, but who really wants that, eh? Most of the stories in the collection are slightly extended versions of stories that have already been published in some for or another so, to keep things simple, I’ve decided to offer it here on this website for free.

Nobody Can Scream (PDF)

Happy reading!

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