Just Do What You Love [Reblog]

If you wanna write… then just do it. There’s no such thing as “I’m too busy” or “I never had time to follow my dream”. All you have to do is sit down and write a couple of hundred words a day. How long can that possibly take? Half an hour? Is it really so hard to squeeze half an hour of writing time into your day?

The typical accepted minimum word count for a novel is 40,000 words. If you sat down and wrote 400 words each day for a week, you’ve already written 7% of that. People who really want to be writers won’t find ways to put off the actual writing part (however, they will get distracted on the internet and procrastinate). True writers love to write. I love to write. I’ve been writing 500 words of Blood Lake every day throughout May. If I keep it up, I’ll be finished by the end of July.

Here are some wise words about following your heart from fellow author J.M Morrow.

Just Do What You Love

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