The Horror of Blood Lake

I have an announcement to make: I still occasionally do this writer thing. In fact, after a long and torturous battle with procrastination, my new novel — Blood Lake — finally lives. I’m definitely not Stephen King, but after releasing Sun Bleached Winter it was always my intention to try my hand at a straight horror novelwithout the post-apocalyptic stuff this time around.

Blood Lake is the novel I’ve been working on since early 2013. It started off as a pretty stereotypical sci-fi horror story, something that kinda resembled a mix between the SCP Foundation and The X-Files. Since then, it’s been through more revisions than I’d care to count and it’s only managed to get weirder. Now it’s turned into the story of Jake Lanning, an unfortunate man tasked with undertaking an exploration of the titular Blood Lake, a mysterious anomaly that may just be a gateway to all kinds of Lovecraftian nasties. The original idea was inspired by a little known urban legend called Mel’s Hole.

Why is any of this relevant? For whatever reason, I’ve decided to upload the first few thousand words of Blood Lake for you to enjoy. Perhaps it’s to prove that I’ve actually been working on something? Much more likely, it’s simply because I couldn’t find anything else to blog about.

Here it is.

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  1. macblo says:

    Sounds cool!

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