Modern Publishing [Reblog]

So I recently had the pleasure of reading a fantastic article about the current state of the publishing industry on C.M Saunders’ blog, the man whom you guys might remember as the author of the very first book I reviewed on this site. Now, by this point, I can say I’ve had a couple years worth of experience in this industry, but compared to C.M Saunders, I’m just a whelp. This guy has been writing and publishing for nearly a decade, and he’s tried it all. If there’s anyone in a position to share their experiences with every type of publishing (traditional publishing, e-publishing and even the “indie” route) and how they compare to each other, it’s him.

It’s very nice to read an article that contrasts the pros and cons of “traditional versus indie” publishing without being biased one way or the other for a change. If you’re looking to publish your book and you don’t know what route is best for you, check out his blog post.

ipad-magazinesI’d just like to re-affirm that I don’t think any one type of publishing is the best or worst. Depending on what you’ve written, who you want to sell it to and what you want out of your writing, each route to publication offers something of value, but also its own set of pitfalls. When it comes down to it, publishing — just like any other part of the writing process — is something that requires careful consideration and a healthy dose of determination. If you think you can suffer the slings and arrows of rejection until someone realises you’ve written something great, go for the Big Six and good luck to you. If you’re too afraid to hand over your creative control to those boring marketing types, go the indie route. Too lazy/disorganised to do everything yourself (like me)? Try an e-publisher. Either way, it’s all about getting your message out there and finding your audience. If you feel the publisher you’ve chosen can help you do that, it’s never the wrong choice.

My first novel was published by an e-publisher. They handled everything for me — editing, commissioning a cover, getting the book in distribution — things that I just don’t feel confident to do on my own. I’m currently working on my second novel, and I’ll probably go the same route for that, too. In that respect, I guess I’m championing the cause of traditional publishing (so much for this article being unbiased), but that’s not a bad thing. It’s just what works best for me.

You can buy C.M Saunders’ new book on Amazon. While you’re there, grab a copy of Sun Bleached Winter, too 😉

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