New review + random updates

Wow, what a start to the new year! In case you didn’t know, quite a lot is going on at Dark Gaia Studios at the moment. Because it’s been so chaotic, here’s a rapid-fire list of updates to bring you up to speed:

indexBook blogger and Parajunkee reviewer Lizzy Lessard was kind enough to post a four star review of Sun Bleached Winter on Goodreads earlier this week. She called Sun Bleached Winter “deliriously creepy”, which is high praise for any dark fiction author.

In preparation for Legionwood 2: Volume One‘s upcoming commercial release, I launched a website specifically for my game development stuff. It went online on Tuesday along with a free demo of the game and a forum community. Since then I’ve been gearing up to pitch the game to Desura…yeah.

In the midst of all this, I’ve somehow managed to still find time to write, and a short story of mine, “Pretty Birds” has been snapped up by Melbourne based literary magazine [untitled] and will be appearing in their February 2014 edition. I’m also plugging away on my second novel — I’ll reveal more about that soon.

I’ve also finally got around to attacking the massive backlog of books I’ve been wanting to read, which means more book review blog posts (like I promised). This week I made a start on Solo, the new James Bond novel and I’m currently drafting a review of Stephen King’s Cell, an excellent “zombie” novel I finished last month.

Oh yeah, and last but not least — I’m now listed on AuthorsDB, which is kinda like IMDB except not really. Check it out if that’s your thing. Hopefully I’ll see you around!

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