Shadowmen [Short Story]

This is the last piece of writing I submitted as part of my creative writing degree. It was for a class on non-fiction writing, and the task was to write a creative essay exploring a topic of my own choice. Of course, given complete free reign to write about anything, the horror writer in me decided to research the concept of night terrors, partly because it would allow me to subtly warp the essay into the kind of horror story I’d usually write anyway, and partly because I have plenty of personal experience to draw from.

Shadowmen is the end result of this assignment. Part short story, part medical journal article and part memoir, it’s a semi-fictional account of my own experiences with night terrors, intended mainly to scare you, but also (vaguely) to function as an academic essay as well.

So, you ask, why have I decided to post it here on this blog? Well, being the fiction author that I am I have no clue how I’d even go about getting a non-fiction piece published, and I’m of the opinion that it leans far too much into the category of fiction and deserves to go up on here with my other short stories anyway. Certain parts of it might not float your boat (particularly the end, which was rushed to meet a wordcount) but as the “shadow people” in this story often pop up in a lot of the other stuff I’ve written, I feel it’s worth a read for anyone who will appreciate some insight into the reasons why I write and where many of my recurring themes come from.

index                                                                                                Download PDF

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