All Good Things Come to an End

Unfortunately, Dark Edifice magazine is no more. Some of you might have seen a Facebook status I posted earlier this week indicating that the ‘zine’s future hangs in the balance, and it is with great regret that I am now confirming that I am stepping down as managing editor and will no longer publish further editions of Dark Edifice.

As much as I’d love to keep the magazine going, the thing is that real life commitments sometimes have a way of spoiling projects like these and sometimes — unfortunately — there isn’t much that can be done about it. At the end of this month, myself and the other members of the Dark Edifice team (there are five or six of us who regularly contribute, including the main editors listed on the website) will be graduating from university and going our separate ways. Some of us have already started applying for regular nine-to-five jobs, and many of us are writers in our spare time, with writing projects that already struggle to fit in amongst the rush of everyday life. With all these things considered, it will soon be very difficult for us to devote as much time and effort to Dark Edifice as we’d like to. Rather than settling for releasing a publication of considerably less quality than what our readers and contributors expect, we’ve decided that — at least for the time being — closing the magazine is the best option available to us.

DE6We started up Dark Edifice in late 2011, as a side project amongst first year creative writing students looking to experience publishing from the other side of the editor’s pen. At first, we didn’t expect to get very far. I rememeber wondering if anybody would ever submit to an obscure literary magazine that just popped up somewhere on the internet. If we were lucky — I told the rest of the team — we’d get enough submissions to be able to publish at least one edition, maybe two. In that sense, Dark Edifice did much better than we ever though it would. Our first issue got so many submissions that we released it three months early (April 2012 instead of July 2012), and each edition that followed received even more. Before this week, it was typical for Dark Edifice’s slush pile (ie. my Hotmail inbox) to receive as many as five submissions each day. Definitely an overwhelmingly positive response to an otherwise unremarkable project, and for that, I’d like to thank everybody who contributed. We had the pleasure of publishing some fantastic writers, and I’m sure many of them are destined for bigger and better things.

Now it’s time to wrap up some loose ends. To those whose submissions are still festering in our slush pile, or to those who we accepted for publication in an issue of Dark Edifice that will never be: I am hereby releasing your work back to you with my sincerest apologies. Please feel free to submit it elsewhere and consider any rights granted to Dark Edifice to be null and void. For those who have already been published, we intend to keep the Dark Edifice website online for as long as our web host allows us to and all past editions of the ‘zine will still be available to read. I won’t be touching any of it (save for linking to this post, of course)and it’ll be perfectly preserved in all of its former glory.

As for the future, who knows? Writers are quite used to having no social lives (well, at least I am 😉 ). I’d like to think that maybe one day, when things are a little less chaotic and we’ve settled into our lives in the real world, we can revive this thing Frankenstein style and once again open the floodgates to new submissions. For now though, it’s time to put this baby to rest. As Stephen King says in the first Dark Tower book: go now, there are other worlds than these.

One Response to “All Good Things Come to an End”
  1. Shannon Bell says:

    That’s such a shame. Dark Edifice was such a good read! Plus I had a story that was supposed to be in issue #6 and was missed out by accident and was going to be in issue #7.

    You guys did a fantastic job : )

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