Learning From the Master

As some of you writer types may be aware, Nanowrimo goes down next month — a 30 day event where you write 1600 words a day with the goal of finishing up with a 50,000 word novel. Given that I’m somewhat prone to procrastination, I’ve decided that it’s a great way to get me back into shape and making some steady progress on my second novel. With that said, I’m officially spending most of October “in training”, psyching myself up for a solid month of writing by taking lessons from the master of the horror genre.

Check out what I received in the mail yesterday:

HailToTheKingOkay, so it’s basically just an excuse for me to catch up on some reading I’ve been meaning to do (which, considering this is only like one percent of Stephen King’s entire body of work, may take me a while yet) but since reading is the best way to become a better writer it still technically counts. Most of these books are ones I’ve read before, thankfully (11/22/63 and two of the Bachman books remain my favourite Stephen King works of all time) but the two I’ve been hanging out for (Cell and It) are still nearly 1,000 pages of reading material on their own. I’m hoping that will be enough to keep me off the internet — and away from distractions — until November.

Nanowrimo (apparently) draws over 50,000 paricipants every year. You can get feedback on your work as you write it, and a much needed kick in the backside when you’re starting to get a bit slack. Sign up for yourself here. Maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

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