Dark Edifice #6 now online!

The nightmare is over. For now.

The slush monster has been rounded up, the juiciest pieces of flesh chosen, and my inbox is safe from further onslaught, if only temporarily. The sixth issue of Dark Edifice Magazine is now available to download, containing a whole slew of horror and dark speculative fiction for your reading enjoyment. By pure coincidence (no, it wasn’t just the co-editors being a bit more overeager than usual) this happens to be the biggest edition so far, easily doubling the word count of Dark Edifice #5, so it’s sure to keep you busy for a good while.

I’m happy to announce that Dark Edifice #6 is quite a diverse issue of the magazine. There’s a healthy mix of genres, with quite a bit of sci-fi to complement the usual horror and fantasy stuff. We’ve also developed something of a “poetry” theme this issue, and you’ll find a whole suite of poems from veteran contributor Jeffrey Park, as well as some creepy vignettes from a horde of new authors. Basically, there should be something for everyone in this issue, so you have no excuse not to check it out (well, except for not having an internet connection, but then how are you accessing this website anyway?)

As always, submissions are open for the next edition of the magazine, so once you’ve done reading, fire up your email client and send something in. Anything that can be loosely classed as horror or speculative fiction is welcome, along with any pieces of non-fiction that would be of interest to writers in these genres. You do want to feed the slush monster, don’t you?

Now, I’ve a whole season of The Walking Dead to get back to. Expect a new writer’s craft post (possibly about zombies) to come soon.

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