This Is Not Poetry

Well, I’ve finally finished the poetry unit I did this semester. I still haven’t exactly learned how to write poetry — other than that there’s a lot of vague, philosophical artsy stuff involved — but I did discover humour goes over well, especially when it’s self-deprecating.

This cute little number somehow scraped me an 80% mark. Try to imagine it being read in a sarcastic, deadpan snarker kind of voice.


Bad Poetry

Is not poetry;
Just ordinary sentences
Broken apart.

These line breaks
Inserted semi-randomly
Will not fool

The writer
Is obviously quite
or perhaps just stupid.

He may argue
This style is experimental
With layers of meta

He is still no bard;
Perhaps a poet,
Definitely a hack.


It literally is just ordinary sentences I broke apart at random to show how hopeless I am at writing free form poetry, so go figure. I guess the point of poetry is to just be pessimistic about everything. Could this be why really angsty Tumblr kids write so much of it? Maybe I’m onto something here…

This, basically.

This meme, basically.

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