New write-up in Portland Book Review!

Sun Bleached Winter has been lucky enough to get a 3 star write-up in the US based periodical Portland Book Review this week. A few months ago, I noticed that they reviewed The Wrong Way Down by Jake Elliot — a book I’ve also reviewed on this blog — and the reviewer in question seemed to be both honest and balanced, so I decided to send a copy of Sun Bleached Winter to them as well.

So, three out of five stars. It’s not the best grade I’ve made thus far, but still heartening to see. They reckon I managed to keep the book consistently dark throughout, but I’ll definitely need to keep track of wordiness next time and make sure I pare back so that my writing doesn’t get bogged down. There’s a good piece of advice from Stephen King — “the road to Hell is paved with adverbs” — that I should start taking in my stride. I could stand to drop a few of mine.

The conclusion of the review makes note of the book’s open ending and that it leaves the reader wanting more — it’s nice to know that there’s a sequel hook there for when I (eventually) get started on Crusaders of Ice, which will be quite a different beast and (hopefully)  heaps better than Sun Bleached Winter.

Still, I’m quite happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish so far (I’m still in the state of mind where I’m just astounded that people out there are actually reading the damn thing) and it’s been a great learning experience I would never have had otherwise. I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to provide such valuable feedback, and I hope you stick around for more 🙂

Check out the full review here. Then grab a copy of Sun Bleached Winter for yourself here.

Regular blog schedule resumes next week.

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