Sonnet of the Dead (more poetry)

So, this is what my poor blog has been reduced to, has it? Updates barely just managing to stick to the schedule, writing craft articles all but gone, and the last book review was written over two months ago. Something feels a little dead around here…perhaps even a little undead. 

No, in all seriousness, I’ve just been very busy with uni stuff (I’ve come to the conclusion there must be some kind of conspiracy among professors to set all the assessment dates in the same week or two) and haven’t had a lot of time or energy to write new blog posts. However, I did manage to knock together another sonnet in poetry class this week — and this one is, in my opinion, much better than the last one, mainly ’cause it actually manages to get that pesky stressed syllables thing right, and it rhymes better…and let us not forget zombies. Still reckon I’m better off sticking to novels and short fiction in the future, though.


Sonnet of the Dead

Halfway through a sonnet, undead men came
A horde of iambic zombies who rhymed
Moaning in sync: “eat brains, eat brains, eat brains
Poetry class cut short ahead of time.
We flee, loud sirens ring out overhead
Zombies encroaching in perfect rhythm
“uh…uhh, uh…uhh” and surely we are dead
Lacking the order by which they’re driven.

Survival depends on our will to learn
To count in tens, stress second syllables
And understand for what the undead yearn
We’ll keep them away with iambic walls.
Behind them hiding, safe from zombie rage
All perfectly arranged inside our cage.


If you’d like to try your hand at the bardic art too, check out this helpful article on how to write sonnets, and if I’ve inspired you to write something about zombies, make sure you find out how to avoid the cliches first. And with that…fare thee well until next week! *travels off into the sunset with dramatic flair*

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  1. […] This story was originally published in an e-zine called The WiFiles (available here) in a considerably different form. This is a revised version that I later submitted as a creative assignment for a uni class on surrealism. I figured it didn’t make sense to have an outdated version up for display on the blog, so I dug out the edited one, shamelessly stole some images from Flickr to spice it up, and decided to post it in an update to supplement all that poetry I’ve been posting lately. […]

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