Easter Goodreads Giveaway Winners

Look, it’s Easter! That time of the year when everyone I know gets a bit too obsessed with eating things shaped like little rabbits and chickens. It’s also the time of year when brains turn to mush from an overload of chocolate and sweetness and in my opinion, there’s no better way to recover from it all than by settling down with some dark and depressing apocalyptic horror. I like to think it helps to balance out all the mushy stuff.

Luckily, foreseeing just this demand for post-Easter thrills (okay, so there’s no real connection to Easter, but I want to try and nail two birds with one blog post), I set up a Goodreads giveaway for Sun Bleached Winter which came to an end yesterday, and I’m happy to announce that two lucky winners have been selected. Now, with all of the unfunny Easter jokes out of the way, I’d like to congratulate Pam Jenny and Valencia Cobb, who’ve both won autographed copies of Sun Bleached Winter that will be in the mail as soon as the post-offices re-open later in the week.

Saying their last goodbyes before they go their separate ways.

Saying their last goodbyes before they go their separate ways.

Overall, the giveaway was a very positive experience. Over 1200 people entered from all over the world, and it was pretty exciting to anticipate who the winners would be. The amount of interest the contest generated really humbled me, and I hope some of the people who entered still decide to pick up a copy of Sun Bleached Winter anyway and pass on their feedback. Either way, it was a great way to engage with readers and I’ll definitely be running another one in the future. Thanks go out to everyone who entered for their interest and support and all the people who helped promote the giveaway and make it a success.

If you’ve been thinking of setting up a Goodreads giveaway for your own book, I really do recommend it. Just head over to Goodreads and list a new giveaway, enter the number of copies you want to provide, along with start and end dates (for best results, choose a start date about a week from when you list the giveaway so it doesn’t get buried in the next day’s new entries), and Goodreads handles the rest. They’ll keep track of all the people who entered and, when the contest ends, they’ll randomly select the winners for you and send you the mailing addresses. It really couldn’t be simpler.

If you missed out on winning a copy of Sun Bleached Winter this time, don’t worry. You can still read the first two chapters for free and I’m sure there will be more opportunities to win it in the future (or…you know, you could just…buy it).


Join me next week for an article about Twitter bots (blech!) and some exciting game development news. Enjoy your holidays!

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