A Very Sun Bleached Sonnet

So, this is usually the domain of angsty Tumblr nerds, but an update’s an update. This semester, I’m undertaking a poetry writing unit to get enough credit points to completed my Creative Writing major, and yesterday’s class was all about sonnets — that is, poems of 14 lines with a rhyme scheme and 10 syllables on each line. Inspired by the lively atmosphere, and perhaps a little temporary insanity (since poetry that I write is usually awful and I do my best to avoid it), I had a stab at writing one of my own, using the title of my novel as a springbpard. The end result is…well, it kind of fails at maintaining iambic pentometer, and I still don’t think it’s very good. But at least I’m getting into the writing mood again, right?


Sun Bleached Sonnet

Sun bleached Winter, where snow and ice will burn
It’s not the End, yet still quite close to hand
Before we’re done, we have lessons to learn
Let’s reflect upon this frozen, dead land.

Ready or not, death’s harbinger still came
No time to prepare, he descends too fast
All things taken by unnatural flames
To leave only the cold, destroy our past.

We’ve been sent straight to Hell, without much hope
But if we accept our nature today
And keep its whims in check, we may yet cope
Once all the sacrifices have been made.
Above all remember, we have free will
To make our own choice whether to be killed.


For some much better written, non angsty poetry style post-apocalyptic writings, check out Sun Bleached Winter, the novel.

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  1. […] to knock together another sonnet in poetry class this week — and this one is, in my opinion, much better than the last one, mainly ’cause it actually manages to get that pesky stressed syllables thing right, and […]

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