Sun Bleached Winter Goodreads Giveaway

Look everyone, I come bearing treats and good news: for those who missed out on winning an ebook copy of Sun Bleached Winter a couple of weeks ago, there’s now a Goodreads giveaway running that will give you a chance to win one of two autographed paperback copies that are up for grabs. The giveaway will run until March 31st, meaning you have just over a month in which to enter. Anybody with a validated Goodreads account is eligible, so if you’re a Goodreads member, please check it out! At the end of the giveaway, Goodreads’ staff will randomly select the winners, and you’ll have your prize mailed to you by yours truly within the next two weeks.

Want to win a signed copy of Sun Bleached Winter?

If you haven’t yet read Sun Bleached Winter, this is the perfect chance to get it. You’ll have your very own signed copy that’s made out specifically to you, which you can’t get anywhere else (unless you fly down to Australia and come to one of my book signings) — and it’ll make an awesome keepsake to show off to jealous friends or post-apocalypse fans. 286 people have already signed up, so it looks like there’s going to be some fierce competition, but everybody has an equal chance, and you could end up being one of the lucky ones chosen. I’d call that a win-win situation — it only takes one click to enter, and you could end up with a free signed horror novel in return. What have you got to lose?

Goodreads Link


You can read a free sample of Sun Bleached Winter here.

P.S #writetip fans, I haven’t forgotten about you! The real blog post for this week is yet to come (my apologies for it being a little late), so please stay tuned. Plenty more writing craft goodness — including four magical cures for writer’s block — coming soon.

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  1. […] no real connection to Easter, but I want to try and nail two birds with one blog post), I set up a Goodreads giveaway for Sun Bleached Winter which came to an end yesterday, and I’m happy to announce that two lucky winners have been […]

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