Nobody Can Scream and Other Stories

Nobody Can Scream and Other Stories

NobodyNobody Can Scream and Other Stories is a collection of five curious speculative fiction short stories from the mind of D. Robert Grixti. Perfect for the in-transit traveller looking for a quick Sci-Fi fix with a twist, dash of humour, and a hint of horror, these narratives will make even the most jaded of speculative fictionists somewhat more content with the daily humdrum quality of pre-apocalyptic life.

Enjoy the creepy perfection of New Beginnings, Clement Cove‘s wayward bodily functions, the realities and unrealities of starship life in the titular novelette Nobody Can Scream, poor Gary Goblin’s trouble with pesky heroes in Good Morning Camelot, and nobody really likes Mondays, right? What If Every Day Were Monday?

Featuring three stories that have been published in speculative fiction magazines, and two that are previously unseen, this collection is the perfect addition to your e-reader’s library.

Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy

Date Published: February 9th 2013 (Really Blue Books)

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