Interviewed by Nova Reylin + a new Review!

Hi everyone! My real blog post for this week is still to come (it’s going to be a book review), but I thought you’d appreciate this small update. Yesterday, I was interviewed by Nova Reylin, a book blogger and writer who runs the site My Seryniti. She took time out of her schedule to ask me a few questions about Sun Bleached Winter, the writing process and life in general. Apparently my answers were pretty amusing, so if you want to learn a little bit of background about my debut novel and have a chuckle doing it, check it out.

No mention of giant trees in the review though, strangely...

No mention of giant trees in the review though, strangely…

That isn’t the only highlight this week, though. While I was busy chatting with Nova, Horror Palace reviewed Sun Bleached Winter and gave it an encouraging five star rating. I wasn’t expecting quite such a positive review, to be honest, but it’s a pleasant surprise nonetheless and it makes me eager to get started on the sequel. The reviewer said she “100% loved it”, and if that isn’t a glowing recommendation for you guys to buy a copy, then I don’t know what is. 😉

Finally, it’s been two weeks since I started that competition to win free digital copies of Sun Bleached Winter and, as promised, it’s time to reveal the winners. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many entrants as I thought I would (at least, not enough to do a fair draw for five winners), but instead of voiding everything, I decided to decrease the number of winners to two and still have a random draw anyway.

The two lucky people who’ve won free digital copies of Sun Bleached Winter are Daniel Lynch and Jacob Ward. Congrats! I’ll be contacting both winners later this week to bestow some post-apocalyptic goodness upon them. Everybody who entered will also receive an email containing a coupon code to download my short story collection for free. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who entered for their support and for helping to spread the word. If you missed out this time, don’t feel too bad though; I’m starting a Goodreads giveaway very soon, where I’ll be handing out a couple of signed paperbacks, so please stay tuned.

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