Sun Bleached Winter

Sun Bleached Winter

RailwayThey survived the apocalypse…but what happens next?

Lionel Morton and his sister, Claire are alone and in danger in a wasteland frozen in nuclear winter. Somehow, they managed to live through the collapse of human civilization, but the real nightmare is just beginning. Taking shelter in an abandoned bunker, they intercept a radio broadcast that promises salvation in “New City” — the supposed last vestige of humanity. Now Lionel and Claire have to make a difficult decision: do they risk their lives fighting to reach a place that may not exist, or try to survive on their own in the terrible cold?

Sun Bleached Winter is a dark, violent story of survival, desperation and loss that explores the truly terrifying reality of the apocalypse in a world where good and evil are meaningless and where killers, monsters and cannibals lurk just over the next hill.

Genre: Post apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Psychological Horror

Date Published: December 1st 2012 (Damnation Books)

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Reviews So Far

A high tension dystopian thriller… I would certainly seek out more of Grixti’s writing when searching for gripping reads.” – Richard Bunning, book blogger and reviewer. (Link)

“Sun Bleached Winter is a quick, fresh read. Mr Grixti does atmosphere very well.” – Jake Elliot, author of The Wrong Way Down and Crossing Mother’s Grave. (Link)

“This is an outstanding novel…I 100% loved Sun Bleached Winter.” – Horror (Link)

“I found myself thinking about what I would do in this situation. Grixti’s writing style perfectly conveys action and emotion…Sun Bleached Winter carries a big impact.” – Rabid Readers Reviews (Link)

Mr. Grixti’s novel is a breath of fresh air in the genre suffocating with the same boring plots and settings. – Geekdom of Gore (Link)

“A promising start by a first time novelist…the prose is gripping and almost claustrophobic, perfectly capturing the desolate atmosphere of a world in ruins.”  Morpheus Tales Review Supplement (Link)

Sun Bleached Winter is a fine tale of post-apocalyptic disasters with an open end, leaving you wanting more. If you enjoy novels about post-world dilemma, this is the book for you. Portland Book Review (Link)

“This is a really good book with lots of suspense and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. – Hell (Link)

“Sun Bleached Winter is a bleak but excellent story about humanity, civilisation, hope and determination. – Ceri, Goodreads Giveaway winner (Link)

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