Dark Edifice is back!

Breaking news!

With the Mayan apocalypse safely behind us, it’s time to face something even more horrible, looming over us and threatening to devour civilisation itself if left unchecked. That’s right: Dark Edifice Magazine‘s slush pile has awakened from its holiday hibernation, and we’re now accepting submissions for Issue #5.

Meanwhile, my fellow editors and I are gearing up for getting Issue #4 ready for release in the coming weeks. This issue is bigger than any we’ve out out before, so please bear with us and if you’re one of our contributors, please know that we aren’t quite dead yet.

Issue #4 of Dark Edifice is slated for release on February first, while Issue #5 will roll around sometime in April or May.

If you’ve got some writing or artwork you’d like to see in (virtual) print, check out the guidelines.

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