All editions of Sun Bleached Winter now on sale!

Okay, looks like it’s time for another shameless plug post. As of this week, all editions of Sun Bleached Winter are now on sale, and are available to purchase from most online retailers. While the ebook editions of the novel (PDF, epub, mobi etc) were released on December 1st, the Kindle and paperback versions took an extra week or two while Amazon and Barnes and Noble processed them, though they have since become available. All digital editions of the novel (including the Kindle edition) are now retailing for $4.50 US, and paperback editions can be purchased for $13.85 US (though some independent sellers on Amazon are offering it for as low as nine bucks).

So far, initial sales have been quite a bit better than I expected (though I was expecting to sell no copies at all, so there) and I’ve already started sending out copies of the book to reviewers and other bloggers, and I’ve already secured a few reviews. Overall, the launch of the novel has been a positive experience for me, and I really appreciate all of the support and feedback that my faithful fans and readers have provided. Thanks to you, I’m confident that Sun Bleached Winter will do well, and my future projects will be even better.

With that said, this is an advertisement post (real blog posting will resume in the next few days), so if you haven’t picked up a copy of Sun Bleached Winter already, why not show your support and grab one to read during the holiday season? Books about the apocalypse make great Christmas presents, I hear!

Sun Bleached Winter is a post-apocalyptic psychological horror novel that chronicles Lionel Morton’s descent into madness as he struggles to cope with the moral ambiguity of life in a violent, eternally frozen wasteland.


Excerpt from Damnation Books:

I wrap my coat as tightly around myself as possible and fish a frayed beanie from my backpack to put on my head. Beside me, Claire drapes herself with the blanket she slept on and adjusts a faded black trilby hat, pulling it as far down over her face as she can.

“Where to today?” Claire asks, in a quiet voice.

“Wherever the path takes us. As long as we stay alive.”

We leave the ranger’s station behind and spend the next few hours hiking through the loneliness. We don’t talk because we’re already exhausted and because it’s potentially dangerous—so our journey is forged in silence. It’s an eerie, deathly silence, as lifeless as the land around us, where the ground is nothing but dirt with patches of grey snow and the scenery consists mainly of dead tree after dead tree, and seemingly endless hills stretching onwards to the horizon.

We have no destination in mind, no set path to travel. If we find shelter to spend the night in, we count ourselves lucky. If not, we sleep wherever we are when darkness falls, staring up into an empty, starless umbra. We’re just trying to survive. Our only directive is to avoid others who are trying to do the same.

Occasionally, we come to a landmark that distinguishes itself from the withered trees around us. We pass the rusted out wreck of a truck, half buried in snow. I try to open the door to search it, but it’s frozen shut, so we move on without a word, too tired to attempt digging it out of the slush. More time passes, and we emerge into a shadowy clearing to see the torn remains of a canvas tent dangling from a tree branch, debris scattered across the ground and icy human bones sticking up out of the snow like eldritch plants. We quickly glance at each other—a moment of silence for the people who died here, and we move on without looking back. None of it means anything.


Find out more or buy your copy here.

4 Responses to “All editions of Sun Bleached Winter now on sale!”
  1. El kapinou says:

    Will the paperback edition be available on the UK version of Amazon? International shipping charges from the US aren’t really encouraging :/

    • dgrixti says:

      I’ve been told that it will be available through Amazon UK and Amazon Australia as well as Amazon US. I haven’t checked if it’s available there yet, but it should be. I know exactly how you feel about the shipping costs!

  2. dgrixti says:

    It should also be available on Barnes and Noble. I’m not sure if their shipping costs are as high as Amazon US, so that might be worth checking out, too 🙂

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