Happy Halloween!

Greetings once again, my ghoulish readers! Looks like it’s that time of year again when the children of the neighbourhood turn into horrible monsters and Jack ‘o Lanterns line front porches (before slowly rotting away during November and stinking up the place). Most importantly, though, it’s that time of the year when horror writers are at their busiest. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but being around town during the Halloween season really puts me in the mood to write and so I’ve been quite busy through all of October putting some of my more disturbing stories down on paper (among other things).

Monsters are out for your blood and your candy. But mainly just your candy.

As such, my schedule for blog posts and reviews has pretty much been destroyed this month, what with being distracted by writing, having to read galleys for my novel (due for release by Damnation Books on December 1st), negotiating with publishers for a bunch of smaller pieces and re-releasing one of my survival horror games (One Night: Full Circle) on Desura in time for Halloween. However, it hasn’t all been for nothing, and with this Happy Halloween blog post, I bring you some good publishing related tidings and a few scary treats to enjoy.

First of all, I’m happy to announce that my short story collection, Nobody Can Scream and Other Stories, which contains a few of the stories that have appeared on this blog as well as some previously unpublished extras (two, to be exact) has been picked up for ebook distribution by an Australian publisher called Really Blue Books. They’ve chosen to release the collection some time in December (so I’ll be launching it alongside Sun Bleached Winter, in all likelihood), and I’ll be following it up with a paperback release containing a few extra stories to fill out the word count, which will be available through Amazon shortly after. Basically, this means I’ve got three separate book releases coming up in the next two months, which means I’ll be quite busy – though hopefully I’ll still have time to blog about it!

Next, I managed to work myself half to death to get some other content out for you to enjoy on Halloween. This month, you can check out my short stories WatchersCaveat Emptor and The Downfall which appear in Larks Fiction Magazine the spirit of the holiday, they’re all completely free to read and download. Meanwhile, if you’re into PC games (as I know many of my readers are), you can also download One Night: Full Circle from IndieDB and Desura. In celebration of recently seeing the game mentioned on a sister site of Gamasutra, I put together a tweaked release especially for these distributors, which includes a couple of new scares and a brand new hard difficulty mode. Ultimately, between three short stories and a new build of One Night, there should be enough there to keep you scared for most of the holiday.

Next week, I’ll be resuming my usual blog schedule, starting with a review of Katherine Meyer Griffith’s novel Evil Stalks the Night (which I’m really enjoying, by the way, despite one or two cliched elements) and some more news on Legionwood 2 and my upcoming book releases. With that, I’ll let you get back to Halloween, because I’m really sure you don’t want to spend the scariest day of the year reading someone’s blog post. For now, Happy Halloween and thanks for making sure I’m able to share it with you.

See you next week!


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