Poor Excuse for an Update, but…

Man, have I been busy!

My apologies for not posting any new content on the site lately. I bet more than a few of you noticed that I missed my weekly blog post last week (I normally make a new post every Tuesday) and wondered what’s happened. Well, the short answer is that I’ve been busy with university assignments and publishing, amongst other things (and I won’t lie — getting my hands on a stack of Ian Fleming books to get into the mood for Skyfall isn’t making procrastination any easier to fend off, either). Anyway, it’s coming up to the end of the last semester of my second year now, so I’ve had six assignments due by the end of this week that I’ve been rushing to complete, and haven’t really had much time for anything else like blog posts or even editing Dark Edifice (yeah, there’s a slush pile taller than me waiting for me inside that email inbox now) thanks to the massive workload.

Here’s a picture of a cat to appease you. Everybody loves cats.

Regularly scheduled blog posts should continue from next week (October 9th onwards), starting with my long-promised review of Jake Elliot’s fantasy novel Crossing Mother’s Grave , (which is proving to be not a bad read — much like the first volume in the series, but even better) and there are still many more writing advice and gaming posts still to come — I just have to find the time to actually write them. As soon as my end of semester assessment is over and done, I’ll get right back to broadcasting my words all over the blogosphere. I hope.

In other news (and a half-baked attempt to make this poor excuse for a post somewhat relevant), my WordPress stats have informed me that the blog has reached the lofty milestone of 3500 all time views. According to my traffic counter, I’m getting a regular 60 – 70 hits a day, so if you’re one of those regular readers who always drops in to see what’s new (wherever you are out there), then please accept my thanks. This blog exists because you come here and read it. Keep reading, and I’ll keep posting. I’m counting on you for validation!

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