Wikipedia Issues

G’day everyone. I regret that I’m bringing you a rather serious/disappointing blog post today, regarding some issues that were brought to my attention surrounding the pages for my games on Wikipedia. Late last night, I received an email from a reader of this blog that highlights some concerning behaviour on Wikipedia by a particularly troublesome Legionwood fan:

(copied and pasted verbatim from email)

Anyway, I’m not sure fi you’re aware of it, but the article for Legionwood is being considered for deletion on Wikipedia. In the deletion discussion, one user in particular has been blocked for “socking” – a Wikipedia term referring to posting under multiple accounts to mislead other participants – who claims to be an avid fan of the game. At one point, the posting was so rampant that when I tried to express my own opinion in the deletion discussion, I was blocked because my IP address geolocates to the same area as the offending user. My edits to the articles for Legionwood and One Night were reverted and a Conflict of Interest notice was placed on the One Night article – suggesting perhaps that the admins believed the offending user to be acting on your behalf or somebody connected to your games. I’ve been unable to get my account unblocked to discuss the matter further but I wanted you to know of these issues in case they reflect badly on Legionwood or its fanbase.

Since I read this email just before I turned in for the night, I did not have a chance to respond to these issues or check out the mentioned pages for myself, and I still haven’t had much of a chance to get to the bottom of it, but I felt it prudent to at least write a blog post summarising my disappointment with regards to this matter.

Being a fan is not an excuse to troll other websites.

Firstly, that the Legionwood article is being considered for deletion isn’t what concerns me here, as I have no interest either way on whether my games are included on Wikipedia (though it is certainly nice to have the bragging rights if they are!). What concerns me is that persons claiming to be defending the game on my behalf are engaging in disruptive behaviour on Wikipedia and abusing the good faith of that site’s community. The fact that this is happening disappoints me greatly as it not only reflects badly on all of the good fans of Legionwood and One Night (and myself) but also — as there are few games on Wikipedia that represent RPG Maker — portrays the RPG Maker community and users of RPG Maker in a negative light. This trolling on Wikipedia goes against what my games represent to me: championing RPG Maker as a respectable development tool and creating a receptive, expressive fanbase that I can have fun engaging with and receiving feedback from. I do not condone trolling or abusing the rules of any website or forum from any of my players or readers, and especially not in the name of my creations.

What concerns me even more is that, as I understand, the offending user’s IP address was located in Melbourne, Australia — the closest capital city to where I live — and that this may cause some people to believe that this unfortunate behaviour is my doing. I would like to affirm that both the creator(s) of the Wikipedia articles and and the user who has been banned for “socking” are not affiliated with me, and that it is not my wish for Legionwood to be associated with this immature behaviour. The point of Legionwood is to simply have fun and to present a (hopefully) nostalgic RPG experience to those who like that sort of thing. Having people play and enjoy my game makes me feel really great and by all means, if you like Legionwood or One Night feel free to defend them, promote them, make Wikipedia and TV Tropes pages for them, but please respect the terms of use of other websites and don’t cause any trouble.

My apologies go out to the admins of Wikipedia for Legionwood fans acting in this manner, and I hope that these unfortunate issues are resolved as quickly as possible and that further discussion of the Legionwood article is carried out in an orderly, peaceful manner for all who are involved.

Now, back to your scheduled programming.

2 Responses to “Wikipedia Issues”
  1. Britney says:

    Hi, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and
    i was just curious if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or
    anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any support is very much appreciated.

    • dgrixti says:

      Hi Britney,

      As far as plugins go, I’m not sure. WordPress seems to pick out most of the spam comments itself and file them as junk. I don’t really get too many. Guess I’ve just been lucky so far…

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