Black Petals’ Featured Author

Well met, loyal readers!

This month, I was given the honour of being the Featured Author in Black Petals Magazinea prominent horror and sci-fi genre magazine that’s been around for about 10 years now. Unfortunately, they don’t produce the magazine in print anymore, but you can still check out two new horror stories (and a piece of flash fiction) from me in this month’s edition, issue #60.

These stories were originally picked up by the Black Petals editors back in February, but the publishing schedule at the time was full, so they’re coming to you now instead. The works include two short stories, Caveat Emptor and Clement Cove (a supernatural horror story about a creepy antique store and a series of fragmented notes chronicling the downfall of a mining town, respectively) and a flash piece I originally wrote for my university course entitled According to Id. This one’s a psychological horror piece with lots of interpretive elements and symbolism.

Check them all out on your coffee break and enjoy something a little scary. Stay tuned for more news on my writing projects as it appears – my e-short, Fragments of Sunrise is due in just a few weeks now!

Thanks for reading!

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