Bad tidings and apologies

Greetings, everybody. Today’s post comes with bad tidings:

One Night 4 is no more.

Yes, it’s true, I’m sorry to say. As of today, I am officially announcing that the fourth One Night game, which was estimated to be around 30% completion is now cancelled. This regretful decision comes as a result of not heeding the age old rule to never take on more than you handle. Unfortunately, I just don’t have as much time as I used to. With university and my writing pursuits taking up more and more of my time, as well as socialisation and my day job, I’m left with very little time for game development.

I thought I’d be able to fit another little project in on the side, since there was definitely demand for One Night 4 , but I have to admit, I would be doing the entire series, and its fans, a disservice for creating a sequel that I never intended to create. The One Night series is complete as of Full Circle, and, if there is to be no One Night 4, I am still happy that the original trilogy was successful as it has been, and that the story I set out to tell with it has been told.

Given that I have so little time for game development (which I am moving further away from as I focus more on my writing), I sat down today to evaluate whether I could conceivably finish the two projects I had set out to do, and I decided that, not only do I not have the time to do so, but I lack the motivation to work on so many things at once. As such, I decided to cancel One Night 4, so that I am able to more comfortably manage my time and not burn myself out. I will now be focusing on Legionwood 2 entirely (which will be my final gaming project), alongside my other ongoing projects and commitments.

I sincerely apologise for dashing the hopes of my loyal fanbase. What has been completed of One Night 4 (of which there is actually very little; barely 20 minutes of gameplay) will be released in its unfinished state to the community very soon, and work will now go full speed ahead on Legionwood 2. I hope that my fans will continue to support both my writing pursuits and Legionwood 2 and I hope to return with happier news (and a release date for Chapter 2 of Legionwood 2;  rently in negotiations with a composer who will be providing a complete, original OST that I’d like to implement in the next release) very soon.

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