Publication News for June

The pen (err, keyboard) is mightier than the sword.

My Gothic Horror story The Eternal’s Curse is reprinted this month in Static Movement Magazine. I first wrote this story about 12 months ago, and an early draft of it first appeared in Imagine #2, published by Deakin University. This is an expanded, much more polished version of the story. If you like Stoker, Shelley or maybe even Lovecraft, or just want to read some cringeworthy faux 19th century dialogue, check it out here.

Another, more recent short story of mine, Good Morning Camelot with Gary Goblin, appeared in Danse Macabre Literary Magazine early last month, and it’s due to be reprinted in the excellent Eunoia Review later in the year.

More news on my writing to come. My latest novel is currently being pitched to several publishers, I’ve got a few more short stories signed on for publication in the coming months and my ebook, Fragments of Sunrise will launch in July.

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