One Night 4 is in development

Attention! Here’s a quick announcement: One Night 4 is officially in development, with a tentative release date at the end of June, in line with NaGaDeMo. It’s not a continuation of the previous game and features a brand new story with a psychological focus and heavily exploration based gameplay. Combat has been removed in an attempt to recapture the lurking atmosphere of One Night 2: The Beyond.

In One Night 4, you play as Gordon West, an ex secondary school teacher turned failing writer. When a strange package arrives on Gordon’s doorstep containing an empty golden locket and a slip of paper reading “Come to me“, he begins experiencing recurring nightmares that seem just a little too real. As you survive each of Gordon’s dreams and uncover the significance of each surreal place you visit, you’ll learn a terrible, forgotten secret and the origin of this mysterious fate that has befallen Gordon.

Find out more about it here.

Or check out the 8 minute early gameplay video.

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  1. […] it’s been a long time coming (since I originally announced the game over a year ago), but the first publicly available build of One Night 4 is now available to download. This build […]

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